the innovative way to access financial analysis

With myCornèr, Cornèr Bank (Overseas) Ltd revolutionizes the way you access to financial research and, using a single sign-in, connects you to financial analysis. At the same time myCornèr allows you to experience the full range of banking services offered by Cornèr Bank (Overseas) Ltd, from Private Banking to Cornèrtrader, directly on your smartphone.
In this way, you will always be on the top of your investments, make and execute the right investment decision and access to financial research that you need when you need them. 

Key Services

  • Financial analysis, research and market commentaries on more than 5'000 instruments, including middle and high capitalized equities, indices, forex and commodities.
  • Hourly and daily financial research based on fundamentals, momentum and technical analysis.
  • Access to your Private Banking and Cornèrtrader accounts in real-time, insert and execute orders on your Cornèrtrader platform, monitor your Private Banking account anytime.


Financial research overview

Fundamental research

The fundamental analysis cover's blue chip equities listed on main international stock exchanges. Research reports are accompanied with market data and comments updated daily. Being based on competitive advantages and the related trends, these types of financial analysis allow investors to evaluate their investment strategies on a long term period.

Momentum based financial analysis

The analysis are based on 12 month trends and momentum exposure, allowing investors to be alert on time about a middle-long term trend on a specific multi asset classes, identifying new investment opportunities, analyzing and comparing momentum across countries and sectors. Each asset class shows a rating (A-B-C-D where A the best and D is the worst) calculated daily on 8 technical indicators, giving an intuitive overview on the best and the worst market performers.

Technical analysis research

Dedicated to more active investors, the financial analysis are based on technical indicators and covers a broad range of asset classes, including selected equities, forex, indices and commodities traded worldwide. The research provide hourly and daily updates, accordingly to the liquidity of the underlying instrument, with market commentaries and trading signals, showing entry and exit levels (take profit and stop losses).



In order to get access to myCornèr, you will need to be either client of Private Banking in Cornèr Bank and being enabled to the online banking services, or you must have an account with Cornèrtrader.

The access to myCornèr is free of charge.

The access to financial research can be limited according to the specific situation of the client and/or to the jurisdictions where the client is domiciled.


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