Multi-product online trading platforms, fully compatible with all devices and operating systems, for investing all around the world.

Cornèrtrader at a glance

Cornèrtrader is the brand of Cornèr Bank Overseas Ltd for online trading. On the back of strong growth since its establishment in 2014, it is now recognised as one of the leading players in the online investment sector.

Cornèrtrader offers multi-product platforms that are fully compatible with all devices and operating systems. These platforms enable users to trade with over 20,000 products on international financial markets: equities, CFDs, futures on commodities, futures, forex, options and bonds. Investors can also benefit from a professional service and continuous support.

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Value Added Tax
The Commonwealth of the Bahamas will be introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) at the rate of 10% on virtually all goods and services provided within the country.
Consequently our customers can expect to see this information together with our Tax Identification Number (TIN) appear on all statements, advices, confirmations and similar communications beginning in January, 2015.


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