AcrossGen Portfolio Management

Continuing our history: Our investment strategy is geared towards managing your assets proactively, as if they were our own.

Investment strategy for our management mandates

Our investment strategy draws on our family history as established bankers and the business experience we have built through growing our bank. It is straightforward, transparent and respectful of our society and environment.

With your help, we will work to develop the investment strategy that's best for you. Your requirements, financial goals and risk profile are what matter most here. We continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that your investments meet your needs at all times. Our regular, detailed reports provide you with maximum transparency.

To meet our aims, we focus on:

  • Shares in family-run businesses

    Listed companies where one person, or a family, holds a significant share of the voting rights and are managed by at least the second generation. We believe that family-run businesses act more responsibly, generate higher long-term returns and are typically more resilient. Shares in this class account for half of the equity exposure in our asset management mandates.

  • Structured products

    Alternative instrument for diversifying risk that optimises returns in specific market conditions. Cornèr Bank is one of the few issuers of this class of investment product in Switzerland.

  • Gold

    Highly regarded for its stable long-term value, also when markets are fluctuating.

  • Property funds

    Historically, these funds have had a particularly favourable risk/reward ratio. Additionally, they offer significant benefits in terms of risk diversification.

Your benefits

We carefully select the best investment opportunities and match them with your personal situation, individual goals and risk preferences.

  • Diversification
  • Transparency
  • Care