Cornèrlink - Online access to clients' Portfolios

We offer our financial intermediaries CornèrLink as an operating platform providing real time access to the position of their clients’ accounts and investments and enabling them to send orders (stock market, forex and money market) and use a range of portfolio management services. The system is easy to install and is compatible with most operating systems. It is available in three versions:

  • CornèrLink Basic

    • consultation of accounts and investments
    • monitoring and searching of stock market orders
    • access to the detailed data of securities dealt by Cornèr Banca
    • full and detailed reporting
  • CornèrLink Basic Plus

    • the same functions as the Basic version
    • consultation of performance
  • CornèrLink Plus

    • the same functions as the Basic version
    • sending stock market, forex and money market orders to our Markets Area
    • direct control of the sending and execution of orders

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